Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Beautiful Gift For your good friend. A Personalized Message Card Necklace for your friend. Two hearts are forever intertwined with our Interlocking Hearts necklace. A designer necklace that is not sold in stores.This elegant piece is crafted and plated with high-quality silver or gold to ensure a long-lasting finish. We\u2019ve also included an extender to ensure the perfect fit for any size.What makes this piece truly unique is the heartfelt message placed inside the box. It\u2019s a simple, yet sweet reminder for the recipient of how much they\u2019re cared for every time they put on their favorite new piece of jewellery.\u2022 Crafted with UV Resistant material will prevent future discoloring and maintain a lustrous finish.\u2022 22-inch necklace chain that\u2019s compatible to fit most sizes, but does include an extender to create your perfect fit.\u2022 Interlocked Hearts Pendant measures 0.5-inches in diameter.\u2022 This necklace is designed with top quality silver or gold plating as well as gorgeous rhinestones for an added touch of sparkle.Thank you for looking., friend gifts

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